The therapist/counsellors at Sex Therapy Wellington have trained in Transactional Analysis and working with people’s sexuality.

We know that how people feel about themselves as sexual beings impacts their lives at all stages and can lead to much satisfaction or misery.

We work with people with a range of sexual difficulties from lack of desire to have sex or be sexual; difficulty with sexual intercourse through to issues such as impotence, addiction, pornography and paraphilias.

We aim to provide a therapeutic environment where people can become more comfortable with themselves and their sexuality whether in a relationship or not. The focus may be either individual or couple work. Couple work acknowledges the relationship context in which a difficulty may be occurring and has the aim that clients feel good about the connection they have, developing greater intimacy.

Our definition of sexuality takes into consideration the complexity of gender and sexual orientation. We believe that knowledge of oneself and others leads to greater sexual acceptance, understanding and satisfaction.

We work in a supportive and confidential environment that promotes self acceptance and safety for clients.

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Clients' Rights

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